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Ginseng Tea
Ginseng Tea
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Korean Red Ginseng Tea.

Oriental cultures are known worldwide for their knowledge and use of efficient herbal medicines. Asian teas, among which is the Korean Red Ginseng tea, belong to a millenary cultural tradition in the eastern part of the world. The Korean Red Ginseng tea promotes a soothing effect on the human body and mind. It is said that due to its unique nature the Korean Red Ginseng tea promotes a peculiar state of calmness, while at the same time sharpens the mind. The Korean Red Ginseng tea is ideal as a start-up for the day, before or during breakfast. Also, it should be consumed as an after lunch digestive beverage, or as a mid-afternoon gentle beverage. The Korean Red Ginseng tea is great as an iced-tea beverage, used as a thirst-quencher prior, during or after an exercise session. The tea is a practical and creative way of benefiting from the power of Korean Red Ginseng.

Recommendation: use 1 or 2 bags in a cup or glass of water and stir well. If a sweet taste is desired, please add honey, sugar or any other sweetener. Enjoy!

One pack contains 100 packets.
Net Weight: 300g / 10.58oz
Price: $44.95 plus S&H

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